Co Founder of the Silver Ravens and face, voice, and song of the people


A man known simply as Ignus is the de facto leader of the reborn Silver Ravens. He was one of the few who were at the first protests which rocked the city and encouraged a group of rag tag hoodlums to come together as a group and begin to take back the city all of them cared about. Over the last few months as this small group grew larger it became apparent that those select few needed to take better control of the budding rebellion. It had become bloated and unruly and unable to be kept a secret and the Ravens became notorious.

The 6 who started the rebellion, a half orc brute; a mad scientist; a fastidious librarian; a genius Street urchin; and Ignus a charming bum, began to organize and lead the rebellion. However the rigors of leading changed these 5. The half orc had no patients for subtly and his early actions put him on Thrune’s most wanted list. He never returned after one of his ventures out to harass the local guards. The mad scientist became obsessed with the perfect bomb and has handed much of leading role over to the others, except when something can be blown up. The librarian began having too many questions asked and his beloved library had begun to suffer due to his absence. He returned to that day job becoming a lead resource for research but no longer a direct part of the rebellion. The urchin his prowess at planning and out thinking Thrune proven in these early steps has retreated once more into the slums presumably to enact one such plan. This left Ignus one of the only active founders of the new rebellion and as such he has tried to maintain control as eager fans, self indulgent revolutionaries and borderline sociopaths began to rise in the ranks of the rebellion.

Ignus can most often be found charming the new recruits and supporters at the different bases and hang outs or in the streets just another anonymous street performer singing the songs of Desna. When not on a mission imperative for the advancement of the rebellions goals Ignus travels the roads of the city spreading the good word and healing of Desna and teaching those who wish to follow her word words in Sylvan to pray to her so that their intentions would go unnoticed by the strict laws of Kintargo under their tyrants rule. To the law the figure of Ignus has many faces and many names as he never leaves the rebellions safe houses without a new disguise.


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