Zachrin Vhast

High Priest of Shelyn


In many urban adventures, have no shortage of friendly NPC clerics or churches when in need of healing. This is not the case in Kintargo under Barzillai Thrune’s rule. Of the nonevil religions allowed to openly offer services to the public in Kintargo, only Shelyn’s Songbird Hall is good-aligned. Its high priest is an androgynously handsome man named Zachrin, and the more he gets to know the Group, the more likely he is to offer his spellcasting services (and those of his handful of acolytes) to the Silver Ravens for free. Still, he never outright joins the rebel group, fearing that such an official association might harm his ability to keep the church open to all of Kintargo’s needy.


Zachrin Vhast

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