Hells Rebels: C&G RP PF Campaign

Drowned Eye and the Village of Acisazi

You all were able to find the old Haunted Magic in the Drowned Eye. 

any body that was dead and left in the haunted hallow raised as an undead creature the following Day. When the Silver Ravens went to the Village they were meet with some hostility and spits by the town Warden an aquatic Elf Named Nerrenn Aeelamna. The party sensed that he may not have been in his rigth mind and found outr that he had been dominated by the Aboleth Necromancer Menotheguro. 

The Silver Ravens help free the warden with the use of Magic, they also were able to Speak to the old village Leader a druid by the name of Speaker Athannah Quhurill. She was very greatful for the ravens help and has offered a gift of great renown to the party for their help. Days later the ill elves are saying they are beginning to feel better that the magic and taint is going away. 

They offer a discount to the ravens for some items that have amassed for sale. (20% off.) currently in the market is – a Merciful Trident, ring of swimming, 8 potions of water breathing, vest of the deep, chain shirt +2

Now the party Must Rally Nobels to the cause.. 


nruchlewicz nruchlewicz

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